Bare Metal Restore For Data Recovery and Restoration

Bare Metal Restore For Data Recovery and Restoration


Many people ask me all the time being in the computer field to define a Bare-Metal Restore. It is a technique in data recovery where your data is easily able to being restored in a form using techniques called disk imaging, which Carpenter Services boots the whole operating system from a live CD that contains specific instructions about the network configuration.

It is usually data that is backed up to an entirely separate piece of hardware and in some cases the hardware that is being restored specifically needs the identical configuration to the source of the backup, although there are some techniques such as visualization and careful planning that network companies use to enable a bare metal restore to a piece of hardware different than its original.

The use of disk imaging applications enable bare metal restores to work by storing image copies of the entire content of the hard drive or network external storage devices. The disk image itself can contain the whole operating system that is boot-able from live CD or a network file serve which can contain application codes to create and restore the images of the disk.

When trying to restore your network system from a failure there are two methods to take: One is a traditional server restore and the other is performing a bare metal restore. Here is a breakdown of what is involved between the two.

Traditional Process for Restoring Your Server:

1 Repair or Replace Failed Hardware if Necessary

2 Re-Install the Operating System

3 Reboot

4 Apply Service Packs or Patches


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