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Black Dahlia Download Free Full Game is an interactive movie point-and-click adventure game that was released on February 28, by Take-Two Interactive. Currently you can download and play the game for Windows. Windows. Black Dahlia is a game adventure developed by Take-Two Interactive Software. If you haven’t played Black Dahlia or want to try this adventure video game, download it now for free! Published in by Interplay Entertainment Corp.

Black dahlia pc game free download


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If there is an item you wish to have need for speed rivals game free download full version for pc GOG. Really need to see this one released for modern systems.

One of the best FMV adventures of all time. Hope we get this game on gog soon. Totally would buy it on day one. Looks like there would be substantial support for this game if it were offered. I know I would certainly purchase it.

Will buy instantly. In fact, I’ll pre-order as soon as Gog confirms it. Now that you are remembering your roots Good Old Gamesplease add this game so we can all buy it.

One of the best FMVs! I remember gifting this to my sister on адрес birthday right after the premiere. Big box with 8 CDs – this was something else. She has finished the game without a walkthrough within a month.

I would definitely buy it again if it got released on GOG. Was a memorable game back in the day, great cinematics, despite not being very well known. Would buy from GOG if you managed to get it working. I heard this game is great and very very hard. I realy hope It will appear on GOG one day. Best wishes to everyone :. This would be a insta-buy for me. Fingers crossed you can score this.

Dang it! I so want this game. I have discs but they no longer work on modern computers. Black dahlia pc game free download don’t have an old computer to run it on nymore. I loved this game when I was a girl, I would so much love to play this game again. Someone lent me Black Dahlia back in the day I’d definitely buy this if the store had it!!

Never got to finish it from my childhood :. For people that are interested. A huge game over the war years with areal black dahlia pc game free download twist ending. Wort adding to your list of re releases. One of the few FMV games that don’t feature incredibly bad acting. Black Dahlia is a great adventure game. Would buy instantly. GOG needs this game! One of my faves. On my windows 7 machine it plays super high quality, the FMV looks great but no matter what I black dahlia pc game free download I cant get the mouse to slow down enough, it spins so fast.

On black dahlia pc game free download XP machine it plays perfect but the FMV quality is hit or miss, sometimes very compressed and full of artifacts.

Anything newer than those OS it has all kinds of problems. I owned this game somewhere along the line I second that. I even used to own the original CDs, but they were in German. Like a lot of other users I still have all of my original 8 CDs for this game, but I can’t get it to work on my computer. I tried using a virtual machine along with changing the comparability, but it won’t work.

Please get this game on your site! There is a demand for it as you can see. There were a german patch who solved the problems at the past even at win 7. GoG ask it of you need it. Those wishes are duplicates of this one: Add another. Send report. This wish is a spam. Owned Buy now Pre-order now. Owned Free. Browse all Good Old Games ». New releases. On sale now. Movies for gamers. Browse all games. More GOG. GOG Galaxy. Join the team. Game technical issues. Orders and payments. Account and website.

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Download Black Dahlia (Windows) – My Abandonware


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Books Video icon An illustration of two cells of a film strip. Video Audio icon An illustration of an audio speaker. Audio Software icon An illustration of a 3. Software Images icon An illustration of two photographs.

Images Donate icon An illustration of a heart shape Donate Ellipses icon An illustration of text ellipses. Metropolitan Museum Cleveland Museum of Art. A special shader has also been included which fixes the interlaced black lines FMVs in the game, and tweaked slightly for brightness. Hold left mouse button to look around. ASuite is a lightweight, open-source, portable launcher which is included to allow you to start the game, choose some configuration options, and access the manual and this readme.

Please note :. I do not recommend installing into your Program Files folder. This can cause write access problems when you need to save your game. Subtitles can be enabled or disabled via shortcuts on the virtual desktop if so desired. Reshade is included disabled by default and can be enabled through the launcher. It should be noted, however, that it has to re-compile the shaders whenever changing resolution, so this will happen a couple times between the time DOSBox is started and the game starts — once it’s running it’s fine though.

That said, that aspect makes it not exactly ideal, so consider it experimental. When you’re ready to quit the game, exit the game normally via the menu, then shut down the computer via the start menu. Zomb’s Lair is a passion project dedicated to bringing old classics to a modern audience, while eliminating all of the hurdles that that normally entails.

More info below:. And special it is indeed. Suspense, murder, madness, corruption, psychic warfare, World War II, human sacrifice–the plot of this game has as many facets as the ancient gem which is the center of all the action. The puzzles are more similar to Myst than traditional point-and-click games: there are many stand-alone puzzles to figure out, although a few inventory-based puzzles are present. There are over 60 hours worth of playing time here I spent closer to 80 hours to finish it , including some of the most brutal and frustrating spatial-relations puzzles I’ve ever seen.

There are endless secret doors, encoded messages, locked boxes, and vaults. The plot gets more and more interesting as you progress, and the quality of acting is much better than your average full-motion video games.

Overall, Black Dahlia is without a doubt the best adventure game from Take 2 before they abandoned the genre. One word of advice, though: have the walkthrough handy beside you, because chances are you WILL get stuck and frustrated at some very obscure puzzles. Just look at a hint or two to move on—the story is well worth cheating for [EG]. Highly recommended, especially for fans of murder mystery games.

And be sure to visit related links below for further information on the fascinating unsolved murder of the Black Dahlia, as well as the novel of the same name by James Ellroy — my most favorite crime writer ever :. Malcolm B 0 point. Does anyone know any fixes please? Gravitron 2 points. If you guys still haven’t noticed, both the Collection Chamber and Zomb’s Lair have made their own working installers for this game. Should work just fine with modern operating systems. Marcos Trooper -3 points.

Daemon Tools Ultra open and Install all corrupted files! But this is in French I need Portuguese version Karen -2 points.


Black Dahlia Download ( Adventure Game).The Collection Chamber: BLACK DAHLIA

Black Dahlia contains over sixty puzzles to warp your brain as you move deeper into the mystery of the Torso Murders — a mystery taking Jim Pearson to more. Click the “Install Game” button to initiate the free file download and get There are some 60 puzzles in Black Dahlia, which require anything from. Download the best games on Windows & Mac. A vast selection of titles, DRM-free, with free goodies, and lots of pure customer love.

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