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This presentation and we will go through the installation process for QuickBooks Pro And now the download or installation software is on our computer on our machine. This is the icon that we downloaded. Remember that this is not the actual QuickBooks program. This is the installation program.

This would be very similar that if you had the CD that you would purchase from my box in a store that would have the installation, then once you enter that CD, it would then have to be running in order to install the program. Same concept here, this is the icon and we have to run we should simply be able to double click on it in order to run it.

Double click QuickBooks is a fairly large program. The installation wizard will help install QuickBooks financial software Pro Series r1 on your computer to continue, click Next. And we will simply do so next. So within the installation process that then says Welcome to QuickBooks desktop, this wizard will guide you through your installation. Please close it any open programs, especially virus protection programs before continuing.

If you have some type of virus protection programs, sometimes they can cause a problem with the installation process, then, of course, you want to be able to look through the terms read through the terms. And then we need to be able to accept the terms or else QuickBooks will not run the process. When we installed the information, we saved these numbers, we made a screenshot of them, we put them in a Word document, we printed them, the word document looks like this, where we used a screenshot.

Anytime we try to enter this into a new machine. Now, next we can choose the installation type. For most people, the Express version will be fine. If you have multiple users. However, in a more advanced accounting system, then you might be putting it on a server and may need to customize and network options with the custom location upgrade Advanced Server options.

Also note if for whatever reason, you wanted to have the version and the , then you might want to look into more customizations as well. In other words, you can always update the file. So if they gave me a backup in , I can update it to If they give something from to However, we will be able to use it but to do so will have to update the software. But I am going to make that slight change. If you want to just simply replace , then you can go to that express method.

Welcome to QuickBooks, desktop , work faster, get paid faster, they have the new flow tools. And then we can open it from there. This then is going to be the icon that we can double click on to open up the actual software.

So note, this is the icon that that looks like what it looks like to run the software as opposed to the icon at the beginning of this presentation, which is the installation software. Also note that QuickBooks is a little bit different than other types of software when we think about word, or if we think about Microsoft Excel, where we oftentimes go to the actual file, open up the file, which then opens up the program of Word or Excel to run the file that we selected.

In other words, if we want to open up the letter that we wanted to go to, we double click on the actual letter of the file, which then opens up the program, which will open up the file, typically with QuickBooks will usually just opened up the software first.

Even though we could have multiple different software programs within it, you can possibly you can go to the actual file and open it in a similar fashion as Microsoft Word. Usually we open up the program, and it will simply open up the previous file that we were using. If we only use one QuickBooks file, it will always be at that location.

Just remember that we want to make sure that we know where that location is of the actual file, not just the QuickBooks software. We have now restarted the system note we have the two icons on the desktop, this is QuickBooks , QuickBooks, and Right beside it, so it is possible to have both of them on your system.

And there are some times when that might be advantageous. In order to open up the program, we can of course, just simply double click on the icon. Now to continue using QuickBooks desktop without disruption and receive product updates as they become available.

Also note as we go through the setup process, we may get some more items that you might see pop up this could change over time that will be included. Do you want to add payroll? Do you want to add checks or other types of resources? These are types of items that are going to be paper items typically, that can run and print out of the QuickBooks system, and therefore they match up well. Now remember, the QuickBooks is on the desktop, but it does get updated a lot.

So we provide feature called automatic update, which is turned on by default. So by default, QuickBooks will be updating. So if you notice your computer like running slow or doing something funny, at some point in time, it may be that of course QuickBooks is running, connecting to the internet in order to get that automatic update.

What are my options, leave an automatic update on means that you agreed to receive product updates from an automatically via your internet connection. If you want to learn more, or turn off these features, go to the Help menu and click this item. What happens when QuickBooks desktop needs to access the internet, QuickBooks is web enabled, some features required internet access, it will open in a browser window.

See these issues below. Typically, you would think QuickBooks being into a large company, they would have that a fairly secure connection, but you want to basically check the terms you can go into more detail on that and select okay here. So if you only work with one company file, in other words, even after the install, you will have this page which will have the latest file or the file that you typically work on.

You can open it up directly from here. Remember that we opened up the software, the files are separate from the software, the QuickBooks files. If we only have one company, then QuickBooks will be recognizing that company we can just simply go into it although we want to know where that file is on the computer.

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Quickbooks desktop pro 2020 install – quickbooks desktop pro 2020 install. Install QuickBooks Desktop

Once done, follow the steps to install QuickBooks on your workstation: Download the software to other computer through this link: Download QuickBooks Desktop. If you don’t know what version you use, see Not sure what version you use? The last available update in May successfully updated my QB without a hiccup. If you bought it online, it should be in the purchase confirmation email. If you registered your QuickBooks software before, you can get help with your license number with our License Look Up Tool.


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