Cyber Crime

Cyber Crime


There is a very old and correct saying that goes on to say that a coin has two sides. Like a coin, almost every aspect of life has two sides. For example, take the advancement of technology and the crime associated with it. With the improvements in technology, computers have formed an integral part of the working world. computercyber offical website  Computers along with them have brought greater work and time efficiency in the working circle of the world as a whole. However, there is a dark side to this as well. Along with all the benefits that computers and technology comes the rising and alarming threat of cyber crime.

Thanks to the crimes committed by the hackers and predators, the good bring the evil. The dangers that cyber crime is posing to computers and information stored in the computers is real. The affects have been felt by almost all the countries. Serious concerns are rising against the growing threat of cyber crime. This potential threat to the information possessed in the computers is alarming. The reason that cyber crime is posing a serious threat is because most countries around the world have no existing laws against it. This leaves us all at the mere mercy of the same technology that we use for good and they use for destruction.

One resort that you can take against cyber crime is installing ant-virus, spyware, and security programs. This is still unfortunately; it is not a full proof step. Hackers can easily hack through the computers of others you know and work with. This makes the data stored in the computer more open to these attacks.

One reason why cyber crime has been gathering so much of attention, is the fact that cyber crime has no boundaries. Cyber crime is breaching national barriers with ease. This is jeopardizing the political and the defense strategies of the country. It is reported that after committing the crimes the hackers reap rewards. They sell the information they stole to other countries and businesses for large sums of money.


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