Do App Download Numbers Really Matter?

 Do App Download Numbers Really Matter?



At the point when you convey your application and launch the showcasing effort, you begin following a bunch of measurements to quantify the achievement of your application. Yet, everything relies upon how you characterize achievement and on your vision of the application’s objectives. There is no application proprietor who doesn’t need dl android his creation to turn into an overnight sensation with 1,000,000 downloads. Yet, are these download numbers that much significant, would you be able to depend on them to state with certainty that your application is fruitful? Are there attributes that require more consideration?


A more intensive look shows that download numbers can’t be the main measurement to depend on. They don’t show the genuine worth of your application, particularly whenever contrasted and other significant measurements. Here and there they can be fairly deceptive. We should perceive any reason why they can’t show anything clear, whenever considered all alone.


Why App Downloads Are A Delusive Metric


After you dispatch the application, the main a long time generally show the download blast. You advance it, support it, glance through the primary surveys on application stores and perhaps tech sites. In any case, an application that is downloaded doesn’t really get dispatched; a dispatched application isn’t really utilized to some extent once; furthermore, a normal application has an opportunity of a lifetime of never being utilized more than once. That is the reason huge loads of downloads don’t actually imply that your application is incredible.


Individuals will in general download a lot of applications, however before long may become weary of the social affair abundance on their homescreen. It’s difficult to get consideration with something continually moving inside the plenitude of same-organized pages on application stores. Much harder it is to hold clients’ consideration.


Investigation instruments do count downloads however don’t count erasures. This makes the download metric significantly more ambiguous while it continually develops. Application downloads don’t let you know anything that will help make your application better. You needn’t find out a lot about them, you need to find out about client conduct and accumulate criticism.


There Are Things That Matter More Than Downloads


Regardless of whether the application gets downloaded, it can without much of a stretch be discarded throughout some undefined time frame. In case it isn’t dispatched without a moment’s delay, clients might forget about it and simply erase later on. What is important here is the genuine use. What number of time do individuals spend in your application? How well does it correspond with your own computations? There is a normal time a client spends on an application, contingent upon its motivation, and that is the thing that should be estimated and broke down. Such things are more valuable than exposed quantities of downloads.

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