How to Find the Best Cheap Hotel Near London

How to Find the Best Cheap Hotel Near London


London is consistently at the very top of the list for the most visited cities in the world. Paris may be first but London is a regular close second. A value of around 30 billion Piccadilly Grand Price  U.S dollars is spent by tourists every year visiting Britain and the bulk of that is spent in London.

Most visitors to the U.K. want to see London more than any other part of the country and finding and booking a cheap hotel near London is a priority before they even leave their own country to begin the journey.

Multi-millionaire high fliers may be able to afford some of the hugely expensive Pall Mall five star establishments but the vast majority of visitors are looking for cheap yet clean and comfortable hotels preferably near all the attractions that London offers.

West London and in particular the area around Hyde Park and Paddington have numerous hotels all within walking distance of many key London attractions. Hyde Park and Regents Park are two of the London Royal Parks which belong to the Crown Estates Office and as such are superbly looked after and provide a feel of the countryside even though the visitor is in the heart of London.

A stroll in Hyde Park could lead one down to Buckingham Palace or in another direction, along Europe’s busiest shopping street; Oxford Street. Beyond Oxford Street are the other major shopping streets of Regents and Piccadilly Street. At Piccadilly the visitor is now at the heart of theatre land and without doubt no other city in the world compares to the size and success of this form of entertainment.

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