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Keepass 2 windows 10.KeePass 2.45 released

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Copy it to a location of your choice for example onto your USB stick ; no additional configuration or installation is needed. Updating: Download the latest portable package of KeePass, unpack it and copy all new files over the old ones. Your configuration settings will not be lost the settings are stored in the KeePass.

Links to all supported packages can be found on the Downloads page. For the last step you might want to create a shortcut or shell script file with this command line use an absolute path to KeePass. Clipboard: On some systems, Mono’s clipboard routines don’t work properly.

In this case, install the xsel and xdotool packages. If these are installed, KeePass uses them for clipboard operations. Global Auto-Type: In order to use global auto-type , you need to create an appropriate system-wide hot key. This only needs to be done manually once. KeePass performs global auto-type when it’s invoked with the –auto-type command line option. Some examples how to create a system-wide hot key for global auto-type, for different operating systems:.

Important: for global auto-type, the version of the xdotool package must be 2. If your distribution only offers an older version, you can download and install the latest version of the package manually, see the xdotool website. Argon2: For fast key transformations using Argon2, make sure that the libargon2 library is installed.

Plugins: On some Linux systems, the mono-complete package may be required for plugins to work properly. TLS 1.

NET Framework 4. Fonts: On some Linux systems, the ttf-mscorefonts-installer package may be required. Although you can run KeePass 2. Some users therefore prefer running KeePass 2.

By default, Wine uses the classic Windows theme. Links to themes can for instance be found on Wikipedia: Windows XP visual styles. Wine currently does not implement all Windows API functions required for auto-type, i. If everything works fine, you can delete your old KeePass 1. The old KDB database file also isn’t required anymore, but you may want to keep it as a backup. GroupColumn Provides a column showing the group of an entry. KeeAutoExec Automatically opens additional databases.

KeeLocker Opens BitLocker volumes. KeePassTimestampChanger Allows to change timestamps. KeeResize Makes dialogs resizable. KeeTheme Changes the appearance of KeePass. KPEntryTemplates Allows to design new entry types based on templates. LockExtensions Provides more ways to lock the database. MinLock Keeps a minimized KeePass locked. NotesFontSelector Allows to change the notes font. Passphrase Generators Generate passphrases. PasswordChangeReminder Reminds you to change entry passwords.

Password Counter Counts and shows entries sharing a password. PatternPass Allows to store and view pattern-based passwords. PEDCalc Allows to define a default lifetime for passwords. Pronounceable Password Generator Generates pronounceable passwords. QualityColumn Provides a ‘Password Quality’ column. QualityHighlighter Highlights entries based on the password quality. QuickSearch Provides enhanced search capabilities.

RmvDup Removes duplicate entries and empty groups. RuleBuilder Simplifies password changes with entry-specific generator rules. StrengthReport Creates password strength reports. Title Display Customize main window title display. TrayRecentFiles Lists recent files in the system tray icon menu. Kee Bridge between KeePass and web browsers. Passafari Integrates KeePass and the Safari browser. Character Copy Allows copying individual characters from entry strings.

Password Change Assistant Helps to change passwords. SalesforcePlugin Logon to Salesforce environments. AutoTypeSearch Provides quick searching as enhancement to global auto-type. AutoTypeShow Shows an entry after auto-typing. AutoTypeSplitter Splits auto-typing into distinct parts.

CheckPasswordBox Prevents auto-typing passwords into wrong places. Cycle Input Focus Plus Browser extension to automate navigation during auto-type.

Disambiguator Allows matching by application name and control properties. HotKeyEnabler Allows to add entry-specific system-wide auto-type hot keys. Smart Certificate Key Provider Certificate-based key provider with smart card support. OtpKeyProv Key provider based on one-time passwords. KeeChallenge Key provider based on challenge-response. Key Xchanger A bluetooth key provider plugin. KeePassQuickUnlock Unlocks databases quickly.

LockAssist Unlocks databases quickly. WinKee Manages database access credentials. KeePass2Trezor Key provider using Trezor. KeePassKeyServer Key provider that retrieves a key from a key server. Twofish Cipher Adds the Twofish encryption algorithm. Serpent Cipher Adds the Serpent encryption algorithm. Salsa Cipher Adds the Salsa20 encryption algorithm. MultiCipher Encrypts databases using two algorithms. KeePassBrowserImporter Imports credentials from various browsers.

Oubliette Import Imports Oubliette password database files. VariousImport Imports several different file formats. Convert to 1.

Convert to 2. Favicon Downloader Download and store website favicons. Yet Another Favicon Downloader Download and store website favicons. ExeIconPicker Imports icons from Windows executables. KeePassSubsetExport Export tagged entries.

SecExchange Send entries via Secure Exchanges. Seclave Plugin Export to Seclave password manager device. SimpleSelectionExport Export to flat text files. MSWifiPlugin Exchange wireless connection information.

Resources Application Icons Additional application icons. Client Icons Additional client icons. For Developers Sample Plugins Show developers how plugins can perform basic operations. Author: Bill Rubin. Language: Automatically backs up the password database. Comprehensive documentation available with plugin and at the ABP project website , which also has ABP forums, version history, and more.

Download plugin: [v1. Author: Dmitry Wolf. Author: Juan Porta. Author: Dominik Reichl. The AnyPassword Import plugin is discontinued. Its functionality is integrated into the VariousImport plugin for KeePass 1.

KeePass 2. Language: This plugin adds a command to reorder all groups alphabetically. Download plugin: [2. Author: Matyas Bene. Languages: Creates backups of modified databases.

Features: » Accepts command line parameters. Green light for housekeeping scripts. Function for experts. Latest changes: v1. Language: Creates backups of modified databases. Download plugin: [v2. Author: Marvin Weber. Language: This plugin saves a backup of your database to a backup location and keeps a specific amount of the newest backups that you can define every time you save your database or trigger the backup manually.

Author: Joern Koerner. Language: This plugin creates a backup every time a database is saved. The backups are placed in the database folders. Author: John Oliver. Author: Sebastian Baumhekel. Note that this importer is specifically for CodeWallet 3 files. Authors: Mario Linhart and Ria von der Wartburg.

Note: KeePass 2. However, the Konverter additionally supports groups and field associations. Author: Michael Lee Simons. Author: Alex. Please read the Readme. Download plugin including source code : [v0. Author: Thomas Moore. The main goal is to offer a simple UI while integrating deeply into KeePass. This covers all kind of users: novices, experienced and power users. The KeeAnywhere plugin is only required when using online storage providers that are not accessible via standard protocols.

Authors: Shawn Casey , Mitch Capper. Language: KeePassSync is a KeePass plugin that synchronizes your database using various online storage providers like e. Amazon’s S3, DigitalBucket, This allows two or more computers to easily keep their data in sync. The KeePassSync plugin is only required when using online storage providers that are not accessible via standard protocols.

Author: Danyal. Author: Koen Zomers. Language: This plugin allows synchronizing multiple local databases with multiple databases stored in OneDrive.

Author: Angelelz. Language: This plugin allows synchronizing specific entries only. Author: DoubleClue. Language: This utility allows scripting KeePass. For details, see the KeePass Scripting Documentation. Authors: Niki Hammler, Dominik Reichl. Language: When opening a database, this plugin automatically shows an on-screen keyboard for entering the master password. This plugin runs on Windows and higher.

Unix-like systems are not supported. Author: Sebastian Schuberth. Language: This plugin can import Oubliette password database files.

Language: This plugin can import text files that were exported by the ‘PINs’ password manager. For detailed instructions on how to migrate i. The PINs Import plugin is discontinued. NET Framework 3. Author: Matt Young. Language: This plugin imports Password Minder data. Author: Taco Plantinga. Language: This plugin can directly import Password Safe database files i. Supported Password Safe database file versions are 1, 2 and 3. The plugin imports titles, user names, passwords and notes from all versions.

From 2 and 3, also groups are imported. Among other things, auto-type definitions are automatically converted to KeePass’ syntax, and entry icons are guessed based on the entry’s title. Download plugin: [1. Author: Alex Zavadsky. Language: This plugin adds an import module for files created by Steganos Password Manager Note: The SpmImport plugin is discontinued.

Language: Changes the appearance of KeePass and allows you to create your own custom themes. Note: KeePass supports all system themes including dark ones without a plugin.

The KeeTheme plugin is intended for changing KeePass’ appearance independent of the active system theme. Entries are considered to be equal when the following fields are equal: title, user name, password, URL, notes.

The following fields are ignored, i. Entries in the ‘Backup’ group are ignored and will not be removed! KeePass has a built-in export module for XML files, and this plugin can re-import such files. The XML Import plugin is discontinued.

Author: Alex Vallat. Author: Orange Applications for Business. Language: This plugin adds support for importing HashiCorp Vault data. Author: Ivan Bagrintsev. Language: KeeForm is designed to open and scan a web site for input fields and fill them accordingly with a user name and password. Please note, this is done without any “auto-typing”, therefore it is very safe to use: you don’t need to be worried that your data could be accidentally typed into a different window.

KeeForm comes with an easy-to-use installer. Author: Chris Tomlinson. Language: Kee adds free, secure and easy to use password management features to your web browser which save you time and keep your private data more secure. Kee connects your web browser to KeePass. Author: Michael Nowak. Language: Extension allowing Safari to form-fill passwords stored in KeePass.

The following browser extensions add the current URL to the browser’s window title. This allows to distinguish websites even when they have generic page titles. Domain in Title. Author: Mr. Language: This extension allows to execute auto-type based on the current web browser URL instead of the window title. A new button will then be available within IE.

Language: This plugin allows auto-type on Linux systems with a Wayland compositor. See ‘ Auto-Type on Wayland ‘. Language: This plugin allows to execute auto-type based on the current web browser URL instead of the window title. Authors: Alexander Alexeev, s 2 , Mitch Capper. It allows you to use your passwords auto-type, copy to clipboard without opening the KeePass window.

Author: Unixeco. Language: This browser extension retrieves credentials from KeePass. It requires KeePassHttp. Author: Tony McCreath. Language: Allows passwords from Firefox to be imported into KeePass. For KeePass 1. For KeePass 2. Author: Janis Estelmann. Language: This plugin imports credentials from various browsers. Author: Adrium. Author: ReadySignOn. Language: This plugin imports and exports ReadySignOn records. Author: Stacy Vicknair. Keyring is a password manager for Palm OS.

For both KeePass 1. Language: [Website]. Author: Helmut Franz. Language: Convert KeePass 1. The export format is HTML.

Note: This plugin is a converter. For a list of KeePass ports for iPhones, see the downloads page. Language: Export data with a new master key. Author: Heinrich Ulbricht. Language: Export tagged entries to a new database. The new database can use a different master password. Author: lukeIam. The group structure is copied to the new database, multiple export jobs are supported, and protection of the new database using a key file is supported. Author: Jareth Lomson. Language: This plugin provides a button in the entry dialog with the number of entries that use the password of the open entry, too.

It is possible to get the complete list of entries that use the reference password by clicking the button and choosing the menu item for this. The following plugins add password generator algorithms that create passphrases. Language: The Readable Passphrase Generator plugin generates passphrases, which are mostly grammatically correct, but nonsensical.

These are easy to remember for humans , but difficult to guess for humans and computers. Language: The Word Sequencer plugin generates passphases consisting of words. Language: Generates passphrases within KeePass. Language: A plugin that provides a custom, configurable password generator implementation that generates diceware-style passwords.

Language: A plugin that allows creating easy to remember passwords based on a word dictionary with support for custom character substitutions, specific letter capitalization, Author: tiuub. Language: This plugin periodically reminds you to change the password of certain entries after specific time spans.

Author: Zacchary Dempsey-Plante. Language: This plugin allows to store and view pattern-based passwords like the Android lock-screen. Author: Rookiestyle. Language: This plugin allows to define a default lifetime for passwords, which will be used to calculate the next expiry date of an entry everytime you change its password. The default lifetime can be defined on both group level and entry level.

Instead of asking for characters at the very beginning of auto-type, it will postpone it to the place where it occurs in the auto-type sequence. This is useful when a login screen consists of two parts and it is not known in advance what characters will be needed.

Author: Jan Benjamin Engracia. Language: This plugin adds a custom password generation algorithm, which generates pronounceable passwords. Author: Andreas Albang. Language: AdvancedConnect allows to specify different applications for direct connections. Author: Cristian Stoica.



Keepass 2 windows 10


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KeePass is a free open source password manager. Passwords can be stored in an encrypted database, which can be unlocked with one master key. KeePass Password Safe is a free, open source, lightweight, and easy-to-use password manager for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, with ports for.

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