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And when Gaudechon says “MMO”, he means lots of players racing online at the same time, which could get rather hectic, not to mention crippling internet connections. You’ve seen the “But no!

We also don’t want to compromise on how the game looks, it’s Need for Speed and we’re known for the polished high-detail cars. We could put cars around you, but you’d lose detail and it wouldn’t look gorgeous. For an online game, NFSW does look very pretty indeed. The world itself is a mash-up of nevy and old material, with some older NFS worlds being remodelled for a modern audience.

The world itself will continue to grow through the addition of free content every four months or so. One of the ideas thrown up by Gaudechon is for desert canyon races, although expansions could also take the form of extra stuff being crammed into the existing areas.

Black Box aren’t ruling anything out just yet, although currently there will be only eight players per race. There are a couple of multi-player modes that we’re working on that we’d want more players for.

There have been some awesome modes in our previous games that we want to carry over, which would be awesome in an MMO, such as having the whole cop experience and being able to take turns with your friends. Being an MMO, the idea of levelling has made the transition from the world of beards and elves to that of pimping and cruising.

There will be 50 levels for your character to progress through, RPG-style, but it’s not going to be like a grind , where you have to get to Level 28 togey that new car. You can get a GTO or a Lambo for a couple of days. So NFSW is pick up and play. With micro-transactions being the order of the day, the bulk of the game will be free up to a point, after which things will only become available if you stump up a small amount of cash.

It removes some of the grinding and connects people. We’re going to see what happens if things get unbalanced then well react to that. We’ll be listening to the users and the community as today’s ‘gurus’ are the users. They tell us what they want. This won’t matter one bit if the game itself is rubbish, but thankfully it’s looking like that will be far from the case. The driving model is sharp, with even the usage of keyboard controls feeling slick and convincing.

Almost as importantly, server and bandwidth issues should be few and far between, as even when playing on Canadian-hosted servers, latency issues are negligible. And as Gaudechon says “We’ve always felt that you can have loads of cool features, but if it’s not a smooth experience, people won’t come back to the game.

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So will anyone be able to play World? Upstairs, on my monstrous Alienware World gaming PC, it was a different matter, the instantly familiar look and feel of Need for Speed World pc game free, the keyboard proving to be perfectly functional for a few hours around what looked like San Francisco.

Technically it is, but it will eventually get to a point where microtransactions are the only way you can progress. These will allow you to buy or rent new cars and essentially supply yourself with supplies.

For example, In game, if you specialize in racing, you will be looking to stock up on nitrogen and maybe a small slingshot, allowing you to instantly hit the car in front. If you like being chased by the police, an emergency evasion force blows up any nearby car, and Juggernaut crushes anyone in the way, including obstacles that will arise.

As you probably guessed, this is not a hard driving simulation. There are even scheduled demolition events that allow you to inflict massive damage while increasing your reputation.

As for the races, they can be entered by driving to the start center or simply by clicking on the world map. While online multiplayer racing is at the center of the world, there are also single-player races against AI opponents that can reward you in terms of money and reputation.

On March 16, , after-sales views became available and then were added to the lucky drawing in December All body kits were removed from the previous version of the game. Most body kits required SpeedBoost to be purchased on May 31, There were several customization options, some of which were exclusive to certain cars. Along with the body kits, there were spoilers, wheels, neon, hoods, tinted windows and license plates. Most of these parts, such as body kits, had to be paid for by SpeedBoost.

Players can also redeem gifts that could equip their cars. The night mode was added on December 15, Also, the lighting was changed from mostly white to the color scheme used in Carbon. On March 31, , Electronic Arts introduced a new game mode called Team Escape, a semi-cooperative version of a police chase, in which up to four players participated in a point A to point B sprint avoiding numerous police officers.

On July 26, , a feature called Treasure Hunt was released. In Treasure Hunt, played in free mode, players will try to collect fifteen gems located in different areas. If the player collected all fifteen gemstones daily, he would receive reputation and money in the game.



Need for Speed: World PC Game – Free Download Full Version

Creepy, a few seconds after I wrote that sentence, a press release appeared in the email box for Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit, developed by Criterion, about eight years after Black Box continued. On March 31, , Electronic Arts introduced a new game mode called Team Escape, a semi-cooperative version of a police chase, in which up to four players participated in a point A to point B sprint avoiding numerous police officers.


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