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Jadi sobat harus hati-hati apalagi pas saya memainkan game ini adu tembak menembaknya di jarak dekat, dan yang lebih kerenya sobat dapat melawan musuh dengan melempar musuh ke mobil lalu menjepitnya kepalanya dengan pintu mobil keren bukan? Pokonya mantap, rugi kalau tidak download sleeping dogs pc game gratis. Press ESC to close. Password : www. During your time in this fictional version of Hong Kong, you will use a mix of martial arts and weapons to accomplish different tasks from protecting the head of your gang to framing drug dealers.

He returns to Hong Kong to work deep undercover, making his way up from foot soldier to sub-boss in his gang. Shen has to work both as a cop and Triad member completing missions that help the police in their case while working as an upcoming member of his gang completing escorts and pickups up.

As he works his way up, his missions become more in-depth and the conflict of his undercover status becomes strained as his dedication to the Triads stars to conflict with his police duties. Sleeping Dogs focuses on the main story missions and the variety of side-missions as well as collecting briefcases and finding health shrines.

The main story missions consist of police cases and Triad missions. Completing these missions will help level Shen to unlock new abilities like reduced gun recoil, taking less melee damage, and being able to slow down time when stealing a new vehicle. Side-missions in Sleeping Dogs are small favors which usually require you to destroy cars, deliver goods, or framing rival gangs. There are also persistent side-missions like collecting the various jade statues in Hong Kong. These are used to unlock new martial arts moves.

You also have to locate multiple health shrines to increase your health as the game progresses. There are also races that you can complete. Smaller missions like going on dates with story characters unlock locations for these collectibles. These missions increase your “Face” rating which is a personal level system. While there are different moves learned through completing main missions, the Face rating opens new clothes and vehicles for purchase.

The combat system in Sleeping Dogs is excellent with melee martial arts taking the priority in the game. There are different enemy types requiring different strategies and the counter system is the most useful tool during combat. Learning new moves opens a consistent stream of moves that can be used against enemies, even those with weapons. Weapon combat consists of melee weapons like knives and crowbars to guns. The melee weapons limit your attacks, but give more damage. Gun combat is polished only requiring a few buttons to aim and fire.

Most of the time you will not be using guns except on missions where you have tons of weapons to reload with. Since guns are uncommon in Hong Kong, it is a treat to be able to use them during missions, especially in vehicles. Using cars and motorcycles is the primary transportation. Each vehicle has their own characteristics, and the ability to purchase different cars and motorcycles is a lot of fun.

We are not responsible for any direct, indirect, special or other damage caused by use of any information on this website. Explore the World of Mafia Download Game. Download Sleeping Dogs Game for Free. The game puts you in the role Here we have listed the most notable changes below: A new difficulty setting, Hard mode, Update Minor Improvements Sleeping Dogs game Patch Notes General Fixed an issue where the game could become unresponsive after completing a mission Fixed an issue where th Graphics The graphics are some of the most realistic and detailed that have ever been seen in a video game.

Gameplay The combat system is based on a mix of hand-to-hand combat and gunplay. Multiplayer The game features a multiplayer mode, which supports up to eight players. Replayability There are many reasons why this game is such a replayable.

It is an action-adventure game set in an open world environment. It is played from a third-person perspective and its world is navigated on-foot or by vehicle. What are the system requirements? It also requires 8 GB of free hard drive space. What is the gameplay like? The gameplay is set in an open world environment and is played from a third-person perspective.

The player controls Wei Shen, an undercover police officer. It emphasizes Shen’s fighting, shooting and driving abilities in combat and driving missions. What are the game’s controls?



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If you are a fan of games with everything from class apart visuals to a great storyline, then sleeping dogs is worth every bit.


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