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The game takes place in the world of them toys Pokemon, a species of universe parallel in which only coexist these creatures, without any trace of them human.

Through a light and anecdotal history, we will have to overcome different worlds facing numerous hordes of Pokemon toys. We manage these creatures directly, with a few simple controls that just use three buttons. Developed by Ambrella Japanese, they have specialized in creating curious spin-off from the series, such as Hey You, Pikachu! Now comes Super Pokemon Rumble for Nintendo 3DS, the first appearance of the series for the new portable Nintendo, except the Pokedex 3D, this free application that appeared a few months ago in the Nintendo eShop.

In Pokemon Rumble PC Download , dungeons are repetitive, clone, empty, linear, with nothing else to do to fight again and again with numerous enemies in desert settings.

The boss waiting for us at the end is not much more complicated, since account with a pair of attacks as much, who are coming to the League and are easy to Dodge, and with look back and not attack, defeat them easily. The touch of variety to these places it put them villages, a by region where can cure us, speak, learn movements, see a complete statistics and sell them Pokemon that us leftover. Technically very little we can say, graphics that could perfectly be the previous portable, Nintendo DS, and which are poor both in detail and in the quality of its artistic design, but they at least do not have bugs that remaining experience.

Using a cel shading or very simple cartoon effect, they try to differentiate themselves from other Pokemon products, and the models are so rudimentary that many times it will cost differentiate creatures of each other, in some empty venues and with nothing to decorate them or decorate.

Pokemon Rumble Download PC is one game very complicated of recommend, that as much love to them more fans of the saga that not them amount be during hours by pressing repeatedly a button of attack. Perhaps also advisable for a child audience, to the nor cares to be constantly doing the same thing with their favorite characters, with a difficulty to very low which causes no problems.

For everyone else, a tasteless, horribly repetitive, adventure that can entertain in their first stages, but that it does not take long to uncover is how it is, and we do not believe the best way to debut a saga like this star on Nintendo 3DS. Unless us is the consolation of is almost safe that the following Pokemon for the console will be best is complicated make it worse… , but Nintendo should have more care in hands of who puts this saga so popular, and with a little more than desire to e inspiration, believe that is can make a good game of action with these characters.

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POKEMON RUMBLE WORLD PC DOWNLOAD FREE + CRACK.Pokémon Rumble Rush for PC / Mac / Windows – Free Download – replace.me


It supports the Nintendo 3DS console and emulator and runs without any lags. Also, the gameplay, storyline, and graphics of this game are pretty interesting, you will enjoy it a lot.

This game was released in and when you start playing this game first select your Mii character. And believe me, the list of characters is pretty long, but you have to select only one. All the characters are cartoonish ones and of both genders.

Moreover, you can also select the superheroes avatar from the list as well, such as Batman, Naruto, and many others. You can also customize the game according to your style like if other players want to start chatting with you, an automatic greeting message will be sent to them which creates a friendly atmosphere.

So, I suggest you always write down a greeting message, the option available in the menu of the game. Also, after every edit never forget to save the settings. So, the more diamonds you have, the better your gameplay will become. What really makes this game unique and interesting is the storyline. Here the king of the toy kingdom provides you with all the information. This game is perfect for those who want to enjoy exploring a new world without facing multiple difficulties. This automatically attacks the enemy feature and is pretty useful for beginners.

And the interesting thing is that every new place unlocks a lot of adventures for you. Here to level up your rank you have to go through multiple challenges, so start enjoying this game. I am pretty sure that after reading all the features of this game you are eager to try it. So, why wait? The toy kingdom present in this game seems pretty interesting and you will enjoy it a lot. Your email address will not be published.

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