Redemption Is Salvation

Redemption Is Salvation


Starting musings and questions.


Redemption is a decent Bible word, so we should examine it. However, as usual, we should examine it from the Bible whence it began, not from the way of life where we discover the congregation in our age.


Advise me, when you hear “redemption”, what strikes a chord? Men yelling over an evil presence had youngster? The Exorcist film? A medication recovery foundation? A super hot petition meeting? A man waving his coat over a horde of individuals? Then, at that

Deliverance – A Journey Toward The Unexpectedby by Jon Thompson point you might be a bit amazed, even disillusioned, at the consequences of this exploration.


Then again, way then again, those places of worship that think that it is difficult to fit the inexplicable, the other-common, into their common way of thinking of chapel, well these discoveries might be a bit of a shock for them as well. On the off chance that redemption is from God, and it will be, it will cut across our materialistic ways and make us fully aware of another circle through and through.


On my petition list I have really entered “liberation” concerning some genuine shortcomings that my tissue keeps on showing. I need to be conveyed from these things. We supplicate in the Lord’s model petition, “Convey us from evil.” Did that have to do with devil spirits? Was Jesus requesting that we supplicate every day or possibly frequently, to be liberated from a villain?


Have you at any point met somebody who said he had a “redemption” service? His meaning could be a little clearer. In the light of even the tad I have shared up until now, is that term ready to be agreed with Scripture? Then again, didn’t the witnesses have a liberation service in the sense in which this is frequently utilized today? That is, did they not cast out evil spirits, conveying individuals regularly from long periods of subjugation?


Obviously we should move toward the subject of, “Would believers be able to have evil spirits?” Is there ever a situation when a brought back to life adherent was “conveyed” in this sense? Be that as it may, if liberation implies just evil spirits, how might we as a whole implore the Lord’s supplication? Doubtlessly Christians aren’t permitted to implore such a supplication if evil presences can’t handle them…


Thus, it’s a situation, this “redemption” thing. However, one certainly worth opening, in my judgment. We should perceive what God said, and certainly the Light will occur to on us.




First we need the Bible word or words for redemption. That snippet of data is truth be told the way in to the entire secret. Yet, that information is difficult to find, as there are such countless words interpreted “convey, conveyed, redemption, and so forth” in both Hebrew and Greek. Allow me to focus in on only a couple:


“Yasha”, the Hebrew word from which comes an entire group of names, for example, “Joshua”, and “Yeshua”, is interpreted “save” in certain spots and “convey” in others. “To bring salvation”, “to be protected” are the essential implications of the word. Salvation and liberation are covering terms.


“Sozo” is the Greek word frequently utilized regarding salvation in the New Testament. It intends to “save, convey, ensure” and is deciphered “mend, protect, save, ” and so forth Once more, salvation and redemption are covering terms.


The idea remains constant in the two Testaments, that when one is saved, one is additionally conveyed. Liberation and salvation are exactly the same thing.


Why make such a point about something that appears to be so self-evident? With the goal that we can begin deciphering what we are seeing and hearing in the advanced church world considering the Biblical ideas, as opposed to the opposite way around!


What we have come to comprehend of the significance of redemption is just not equivalent to what the TV evangelists are advising us.


To start with, let’s get straight to the point about the English meaning of convey or liberation, so we are on the whole in total agreement without a doubt: The English word comes from the Latin de liberare, “to liberate from.” I realize you can convey a bundle and convey a pizza, and so on, yet that is another word by and large. This liberation is “the demonstration of or condition conveyed or being liberated.” so, redemption is a salvage, or a break.


How is “redemption” utilized in Scripture?


Since we are clear with regards to implications (I trust) we should perceive how the word is utilized in Scripture, and talk about ideas in the Bible that don’t utilize the word, however give us a similar thought.


Didn’t Jesus say that whomever the Son liberates (conveys) is really free? Jesus is the Deliverer. Yeshua (in Hebrew). Jesus (in Greek). The Savior. It’s no different either way! Any salvage that Jesus Himself starts is liberation, or the equivalent, salvation. An individual set liberated from an evil presence has been saved from that devil.

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