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Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines is a tactical game set in World War II in which you take control of a team of commandos to carry out a variety of missions Android Windows action adventure games action games for windows 7 arcade games arcade games for android arcade games for android free. Windows adventure game for windows 10 adventure game for windows 7 ai games hello hello horror games. A group of highly talented warriors!

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In Outlast 2 you are a cameraman on an investigation with your wife to find the truth behind the mysterious death of a pregnant woman. In their investigation a helicopter crash separates you from your wife putting her in the hands of a dangerous and murderous cult. The game opens by giving you three options: Run, hide, or die. Our hero, Blake Langermann, only has his camera and his wits to survive.

Unable to fight in a village filled with murderous zealots, Blake will have to use any hiding space he can to make his way through and rescue his wife before her ceremonial sacrifice. Outlast 2 – One wrong move will deliver your punishment swiftly. With a name backing it like Tom Clancy you can expect modern political intrigue and Chaos Theory brings it in spades. As Sam uncovers the truth his loyalty to his friends and to his nation will be tested as he tries to save a world on the brink of war.

Heralded as one of the best games of the generation Chaos Theory is a definitive stealth experience. Sam Fisher returns to government service after the events of Splinter Cell: Conviction. Blacklist serves as a marriage of two of the predecessors: The clean executions of Conviction and the stealth of Chaos Theory. Blacklist serves as a return to form for Sam, both in political intrigue and his stealth capabilities missing from Conviction. Sam retains his efficient Mark and Execute system, allowing for the quick and effortless elimination of his enemies.

Blacklist also modernizes the stealth mechanics that served to define the series and the genre. Feudal Japan has finally been united by a shogun and all seems to be at peace. That is until a mysterious aggressor has appeared to threaten that stability. An elite team is formed to combat this new threat meeting the dark world of betrayal and backstabbing in war-torn Japan.

Whereas most stealth games option the third-person action route Shadow Tactics has more in common with an RTS game. You are tasked with commanding your squad to infiltrate compounds, uncovering more of the conspiracy surrounding the shogun. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – Despite a simpler look, the game nails its aesthetic.

Enter a world of assassination. While 47 operates with his signature efficiency his actions unravel a plot that threatens the very agency he works for. Acquire disguises, unlock gadgets, commandeer weapons, anything is allowed as long as you eliminate the target. While the level count may be short the expansive maps host multiple missions and activities to discover new dimensions you may have missed the first time. With a plethora of unique plots to eliminate the targets Hitman begs to be played over and over again.

Deus Ex follows JC Denton as he uncovers corruption within his own organization, a conspiracy on a global scale, and a threat striking humanity at its weakest point. As JC attempts to manage the multiple threats he is eventually faced with an impossible decision that will affect all of humanity. Boasting maps with multiple paths for multiple playthroughs Deus Ex rewards player decision and ingenuity.

Origins took some time off from the release schedule of the series to refine the gameplay, and it improves on the systems of previous games nearly whole cloth. Being a protector of the people Bayek can roam the open world completing side quests, gaining experience, and unlocking tools to combat an enemy sworn to rule the world. As Snake rebuilds his PMC he catches the attention of XOF and their elite soldiers, the Skulls, leading to an escalating arms race which carries a terrible price.

The Phantom Pain consistently unlocks new tools and resources allowing you to grow into an unstoppable super soldier as you grow your base to face a world that opposes them. The Phantom Pain is a rare experience in which the game adapts to your playstyle and rewards for you trying out new things, no matter how outlandish they might seem. The unnamed ninja seeks to complete his tattoo and enact revenge against those who attacked his clan. Mark of the Ninja diverts from many games in the genre as a 2D game.

You are tasked with finding your way through levels, extinguishing light sources and finding ambush points to make it to the end, eventually being faced with a dilemma that brings everything leading to it into question. Dishonored is a rare gem of player choice, with the right tools and the proper wits you can go through the game completely nonlethally.

The choices made between silence and chaos shape the world and the story in front of Corvo. Given a set of supernatural abilities and uncommon gadgets your actions will either save the city or be the thing that pushes it over the edge. Aragami is a spirit of shadow raised in a desperate bid to thwart an army of light wielders from conquering the land.

As Aragami progresses he unlocks memories of a fallen soldier raising questions of identities, alliances, and his place in the plot. Being a supernatural entity Aragami gets powerful skills to strike and disappear. After what was supposed to be his lethal injection, inmate James Earl Cash awakens to find himself at the mercy of the Director in a hideous game of kill or be killed.

As the danger increases Cash finds some unexpected outside assistance and a new threat , but in this game Cash can only rely on himself to get his revenge on the Director.

In each game the player dons the cowl to become Batman, facing off against his large catalog of enemies in his never-ending mission to bring peace to the streets of Gotham City. When outnumbered and outgunned Batman stalks his foes picking them off one by one and making an example to the rest.

Watch from the shadows as your foes turn from an organized patrol system to a shaken and broken mess firing at shadows. Batman Arkham Asylum – Detective Mode gives you an advantage of the landscape against your heavily armed opponents. An asymmetric multiplayer experience Dead by Daylight pits four survivors against one killer in a desperate struggle to survive. There is a narrative to be found, with killers plucked out of history to torture and sacrifice the victims who are trying to start four generators in order to escape.

The horror repeats itself at the whim of the vengeful god that manipulates the events to feed on the anguish of the survivors. Most importantly though, the game is strategic, intense, and exactly how you remember the movie genre.

Dead by Daylight captures the nostalgic aesthetic of the slasher films of old. The cast of killers consist of genre stereotypes and cameos from slasher films with unique powers to reflect their history. The fear of being stalked is ever present for the survivors who struggle to hide, survive, and escape.

In a totalitarian future one teenage test subject has broken free and contacted you for help to make her escape. You are tasked with hacking security cameras, doors, and distracting guards while she attempts to make her way out of the facility. As you progress the state of the world unfolds in audio logs and communications from others in the program. Republique is a different take on the stealth genre, with world building and excellent voice acting it creates a new flavor of an immersive experience.

Relive the tense horror of the original Alien film with Alien: Isolation. In her investigation you discover that the facility is being terrorized by a Xenomorph.

The game serves to capture the fear of the first movie with the dread that one murderous Xenomorph brings with it. Isolation goes a long way to achieve the feel of the first movie, taking the tone and design decisions from the first film.

The layout of the ship and the technology you use are all modeled off of the aesthetic of the film. Alien: Isolation – The Xenomorph is hunting you and will strike where you least expect it. Set in Nazi occupied France, Irish race car driver Sean Devlin finds himself in an escalating feud with a Nazi driver.

This eventually propels Devlin to become a member of the Resistance, striking back against the Nazi occupation and bringing hope back to the people. The main hook of his game is the use of color. Moving to more heavily Nazi areas the game becomes black and white with national symbolism serving as the only color. Along with gameplay bonuses this effect serves to make the Saboteur a brilliant example in aesthetic. The Saboteur – Disguises are an important part to infiltrating enemy controlled territory.

Skip to main content. Level up. Earn rewards. Your XP: 0. Updated: 20 Aug am. BY: Brandon Brush. Outlast 2. Outlast 2 escape and stealth gameplay. More on this topic: stealth stealth games. Future supervillian and fighting game enthusiast, Brandon has been gaming since he first learned how to push two buttons and writing since he learned to put two words together.

Gamer Since: Hitman Promotional Render Agent 47 is one step ahead of his targets. Log in or register to post comments. More Top Stories. Top 15 Ultimate Best Stealth Games. Hiding in the shadows. Blending in with the crowd. Sneaking through alleys. Scaling rooftops.

Striking unsuspecting enemies with surprise, or completing your mission without anyone ever knowing you were there. Fortnite has a reputation for being a highly competitive action shooter game, so stealth is not something most players consider while playing. But since the ultimate goal is to be the last one standing, many players are willing to find different ways to get that Victory Royale.

One of those ways is Few things in life as are as intoxicating as the thrills offered by stealth games. Actually being a mortal human being who can be killed by a well-placed shot to the noggin. This is what stealth games excel at Sneaking out from the shadows, Hitman 2 will be the latest entry in the series of sandbox assassination games when it comes to Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

Top 11 Games Like Hitman.


Stealth games pc free download

Download the best Stealth Games for your PC from Epic Games Store. We offer several stealth video games to test your sneak abilities to play right now. stealth · Rebels: Prison Escape · Tom clancy’s rainbow six vegas · Chameleon · Thief: Deadly Shadows · Gravewood high · Spark Five · Stolen: Robbery of the Century. These are the very best stealth games available on PC, from the sneaky Dishonored and Splinter Cell games to the creative murder sandboxes.


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