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Tales Runner is a 3D MMO racing game where players run, jump, dash, ski, and climb across various stages inspired by both Eastern and Western fairy tales. Tales Runner is a Korean developed animated racing game similar to Kart Rider that offers a variety of game modes and characters to choose from.

Unlike other races, the game has players mainly run on foot rather than in a vehicle. Tales Runner has a casual and friendly atmosphere, and offers plenty of single-player and cooperative gameplay content. Players looking for a greater challenge won’t be disappointed because many of the stages are extremely difficult and require patience to master. Tales Runner shut down on April 20th, Full Review. Tales Runner first came to America in but was closed within a few years.

OGPlanet is giving the game another go and has released a version with much more content available than the previous version that gPotato had to offer. This program, combined with other client issues, can cause the game to either crash or fail to launch at all. New players have two characters to chose from: Billy and Ming Ming, each with three dress options. Additional characters can be purchased from the shop using in-game currency called TR earned by taking part in races or completing quests.

After a brief intro scene where new players have the honor of meeting the King of the Tales Runner world and completing a simple track, players gain access to the main lobby screen. The first order of business is switching the display to Windowed Mode using the settings option on the top right. Sadly, there are no resolution options besides the default x, but players are free to customize their movement, Jump, Item, and Dash keys.

It is from the main lobby screen that players can access all of the varied game modes Tales Runner has to offer. The first set of missions teaches the basics including dashing, jumping over obstacles, boosts, and so forth.

All of these missions could have been combined into a single mission, but instead players must complete half a dozen individual quests that take perhaps 15 seconds each. Thankfully, each tutorial quest comes with an item, experience, or TR currency reward. After completing all seven, players are awarded their first license, proving they are ready to compete in real races.

While this may throw off the balance at times, the colorful fairy-tale-inspired maps should still prove entertaining to new players, even if they have no hope of beating veterans. Some of the more interesting maps include are those based on Aladdin, Peter Pan, and Jack and the Beanstalk, tales many Westerners are familiar with.

The Aladdin map has players dashing through streets crowded with fez wearing children and camels in an Arabian-themed desert city. Some original concepts have proven to be the most popular tracks among the playerbase and have players dashing across cartoony block worlds and hexagons that appear and disappear according to set patterns. There are even maps with unique camera angles. Most races have a third person perspective, but a few offer a side view similar to the view found in many 2D platformers.

A single-player option allows players to race alone on any of the various tracks to improve their personal records, or simply get in some extra practice. More interestingly, Tales Runner also supports various team racing modes. In one popular mode, two sets of players must work together to reach the end of a stage before their opponents do. Various walls prevent progress through the stage until a minimum number of players from each team make it to certain check points.

Most races are done on foot in Tales Runner, but certain stages also allow for skiing, climbing ropes, and swimming during certain portions. After completing the first stage of the animal license requirement, players are awarded a giant yellow chick to ride. Sadly, the low playerbase again becomes an issue with these alternative game modes. Finding a co-op boss room, and more importantly not getting kicked for being a beginner, can be difficult.

During my brief time in Tales Runner, I was unable to experience the or man race modes. Perhaps the oddest set of features in Tales Runner is the myriad of social options and mini games. From here, players can access various shops, such as the Alchemy Store where they can combine card drops earned randomly by completing races into new cosmetic items. The strangest amenity found in the Plaza would have to be the singing frog piano towards the north end of the map.

The Plaza feature with the most potential is the mini game hut, but it’s well hidden on the left corner of the map and only offers two mini games as of this writing. The first is Jester Rescue, which requires players to save drowning clowns while avoiding hungry alligators in a small section of a river.

The second is Stop The Penguins, in which bomb-carrying penguins come charging down three lanes with each lane protected by a cannon that must be manually fired to stave off the Penguin bombers. Another bonus feature in Tales Runner is the ability to maintain an instanced farm.

Players can decorate their land with trees, furniture, structures, and plant crops using experience points earned via racing. I visited snow-covered farms complete with ice slides and herds of cows and multi-colored flowers, though the time it must have taken to grind enough TR to purchase these exotic decorations is dizzying.

Even grinding enough to purchase a new character is daunting. Expect to earn only a few thousand after several races, and at 82, TR for a new character, it can take quite a while to unlock characters, costumes, and equipment. The cute, colorful maps in Tales Runner are fun to experience for the first few times, but it’s easy to see how a game like this could start getting extremely repetitively. While the playbase may be small, the developers have tried to do all they can to ensure they bond.

Besides guild features, Tales Runner also supports a marriage and entire family tree system. All of this can be tracked in an in-game achievement book that also tracks many other stats including wins, losses, total time played, achievements earned, and so forth.

Ultimately, however, the main draw here is the racing gameplay. Tales Runner is, at first glance, a simple racing game. But dig a little deeper and it’s clear that the game offers plenty of depth and challenges to master. Unfortunately, a dated game client and low playerbase prevent Tales Runner from reaching its potential.

System Requirements. Additional Info. With the first closed beta appearing way back in , Tales Runner has quietly spread across the world. Despite initial setbacks in North America with the closure of the gPotato service, Tales Runner has made a return and is stronger than ever. The game is now hosted in over nine countries and attracts 60 million players from across the globe. The developer behind Tales Runner, South Korean studio Rhaon, boasts community of over 10 million gamers worldwide as of Overview Tales Runner Overview Tales Runner is a Korean developed animated racing game similar to Kart Rider that offers a variety of game modes and characters to choose from.

Tales Runner Key Features: Plenty of Characters — the game has a total of 18 characters, though new players only have access to two. Various Race Modes — participate in various races including singles, team, relay, tournament, and player races.

Solid Character Progression — gain experience by racing to improve character abilities and unlock new clothing and equipment. Use Alchemy to Make Equipment — craft new equipment using cards earned by winning races. Get Social — Tales Runner has guild, marriage, and other social features to explore.

Farming — decorate and run your own farm. Players use the experience they earn to grow and harvest items. Tales Runner Screenshots. Tales Runner – Official Gameplay Trailer. Screenshots Tales Runner Screenshots. Graveyard Reviews. Cons: -Limited graphic settings.



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