Unique and Exceptional Japanese Teapots

 Unique and Exceptional Japanese Teapots


It is a given fact that every household in the world has a teapot for tea drinking. There are a lot of cultures that have their own teapot which depicts their cultures and how they live their lives. In the Western countries, their buy Japanese porcelain ware teapots talk about modishness and style like the Victorian tea sets meanwhile the Eastern countries talk about durability and strength through Yixing clay teapots and Japanese Tetsubins.

The Japanese are particularly identified with tea and tea manufacture because more than several other cultures they have twisted tea manufacture into a ritualized art figure. As originated in China, tea itself finished its way to Japan and the teapots that were premeditated and utilized many long years ago still have the same fundamental form and purpose that are in use today. This is mainly used as reservoir in heated water to enjoy your tea drinking.

Each country may create teapots for their own use, but the way it looks and feel may be radically in contrast. Let us take Tetsubin as an example. It is known to have very basic designs and is imprinted with some designs on their cast iron surfaces. Additionally, these Tetsubin teapots are very durable and stays longer compared to other products made of porcelain, ceramic and clay materials.

In the past, there are few folks who believe that the cast iron encompass an added health gain because of the fact that they supply iron to the tea being drank. But there was research that says there is no iron logically added to the tea from any materials like clay, ceramic or porcelain teapots. This is a mistaken belief followed by folk’s long way ago.

From many teapots that continue to prevail nowadays, let us take Japanese teapots as an example. Well generally speaking, Japanese teapots have a very distinguishing look and shape to their design. Japan has its own way on making its teapot designs as unique and exceptional as possible. Although a lot of teapots from other countries have approach that are more decent and generously proportioned, the form of Japanese teapot is in general slimmer and flatter horizontally.



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